To help children of the United States who are dealing with obstacles that may prevent them from becoming everything they can be as they grow into adulthood.

While many charitable organizations focus on a specific need or group, America’s Hope for America’s Children aligns with a variety of local and national organizations representing a multitude of causes. This allows us to effect positive change in the lives of many different children with many different needs. The main criteria criterion that distinguishes our charity from others is that we are an organization committed exclusively to the needs of children specifically in the United States.


Children deserve the opportunity to thrive, hope and pursue their dreams, and to live from the core belief that anything is possible. We are committed to helping children access the possibilities that exist in their future, and not have the circumstances of their challenges hold them back.

America’s Hope for America’s Children is dedicated to helping children that are dealing with some kind of obstacle in their life, such as learning disabilities, abuse, drug dependency, lack of adult role-models and illness.

America’s Hope for America’s Children staff members and volunteers all have full time jobs, businesses, professions, and families and do not receive any compensation from the donations made by others to this truly non-profit charity foundation. Therefore, because we have no salaried staff, pay no rent, own no equipment or vehicles, the commitment of our charity is to have at least 97% of all donations go directly to the aid of children in need.